Airmic: Belinda Steedman talks Multinational

Ahead of this year’s Airmic conference in Edinburgh, Belinda Steedman, our Director of Multinational, spoke to Insure TV about our proposition and capability to protect global businesses.

Multinational isn’t new to Aviva, but we recognise the opportunity to build upon our existing capability to provide a broader proposition for your business.

In the interview, Belinda outlined that Aviva are serious about writing global business and part of that ambition is to be the partner of choice for lead multinational business. She discussed how and where Aviva are investing to make this ambition a reality, as well as a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2025.

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Mark Colegate:

Belinda Steedman is Director of Multinational at Aviva Global Corporate and Specialty. She joins me now. Well, Airmic 2024 is here. What's the story for multinational at this year's event?

Belinda Steedman:

We want the market to know that we're serious about global business, so much so that we've reinvested in our lead multinational proposition. We are a market that has many lines of business and we want to be a top global carrier, particularly in that lead multinational space where we can write cross-class programs, across financial lines, specialty lines, as well as the standard major classes like property and casualty. Lead multinational is not new to us. We've been writing a property investors portfolio for the last 10-plus years. We do have a very strong property and casualty book. We are now writing a lot more in that financial lines and specialty lines space, but we want to reinvigorate our proposition.

Mark Colegate:

Now you took on the role as Director of Multinational tail end of 2022. What are some of the building blocks that you and your team have been putting in place to allow you to develop the proposition?

Belinda Steedman:

So, one of the key deliverables when I joined the organization was ensuring that we would be able to refresh our proposition. So there's been a huge amount of activity in the last 18 months. We have refreshed the proposition. We have undertaken a review of our network and ensuring that we are able to provide capacity in all the key territories and in the lines of business where we want to write more. We have ensured that we're bringing on additional capacity. That means additional people as well as skills and capability. We've relaunched our platform, which will allow us to do pre-quote tax calculations. It allows us to engage with our partners globally through a platform. And we also have a single repository of all regulatory compliance information, which is really key to how we deliver service. And finally, we've reframed our captive solution, bringing on additional captive specialism and capability in the team. And in 2025, we will be launching a mid-market lead multinational proposition for clients in the UK who have got risks and exposures overseas, which is us listening to what our clients have been telling us.

Mark Colegate:

So lots going on, but if there's one key takeaway to leave everyone who's attended AIRMIC, thinking about what would that be?

Belinda Steedman:

That we're serious about writing global business, so much so that we've stood up a global service team who will look after lead multinational programs, international programs, as well as global DUAs. We are writing cross-class business across all the major lines of business. We're rolling out a captive fronting solution, and finally, we will have a mid-market proposition in market by 2025.

Mark Colegate:

We have to leave it there, Belinda Steedman. Thank you.

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For more information about Aviva’s Multinational proposition, please visit  our Multinational page