Crime​ insurance

Cover to help protect you against financial loss from fraud

Any business can be a victim of fraud, no matter how big or which industry they operate in. Most businesses believe they have a robust internal control framework in place and employ trustworthy staff. Because of this many fail to recognise their vulnerabilities and admit the real risk that these controls can be manipulated by a motivated fraudster either an employee or third-party. Our Crime policy can help protect your business for financial loss suffered due to fraud or dishonesty.

Why choose us for Crime insurance?

We can offer crime insurance for a wide variety of commercial clients such as those from the industrial, retail, professional and public sectors. We can offer crime cover as a primary, excess or co-insured policy.

Our experienced underwriting team can help you to get the right cover in place and we understand that a one-size-fits-all solutions may not always cater for your specific requirements, which is why we tailor our solutions to the needs of your business.

What does the cover do?​

Our Crime policy can help to cover your business against*:

  • loss of monies and / or goods due to theft, fraud or dishonesty by your employees
  • loss due to theft, fraud or dishonesty by third parties including by social engineering means, for example:
    • manipulation of your staff to release funds to fraudsters pretending to be senior management
    • employees innocently acting on fraudulent instructions to change your suppliers’ bank account details
  • costs you're liable for following fraudulent use of your telecommunication system or public utilities
  • loss due to theft, fraud or dishonesty by Outsourced Service Providers to which you have entrusted your monies / securities or insured property
  • costs and expenses relating to mitigation, investigation or defence of a loss.

*Subject to exclusions and policy limits

GCS Crime Lead

Jennifer Wells

Jennifer, who has over 25 years in the Crime insurance market, leads a team of five similarly experienced underwriters who also specialise in Crime insurance. Together they underwrite UK and overseas based risks and are a significant provider of capacity into the UK Crime insurance marketplace.

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