What classes of insurance do we offer?

Our underwriting capability stands out for its breadth and strength. Within our team of underwriters, you’ll find specialists in many different sectors and market experts who can put together the level of protection your business deserves.

Corporate lines

Property insurance

Damage to property and premises, and the business interruption it can cause, affects different businesses in different ways. Help protect your businesses with our flexible cover options, that are built for your sector.​​

Liability insurance

Our Liability cover provides protection for the policyholder against their legal liabilities to their employees and the public, which includes Property Damage and Bodily Injury.

Motor insurance

We provide cover and risk management solutions for some of the UK’s largest fleet operators and motor traders. Insuring your vehicles with us opens the door to our nationwide network of repairers.

Property Investors insurance

Our property investors team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing solutions for a broad range and size of properties. We strive to offer consistent service looking to foster long term relationships to provide stability and certainty for your investments.

Specialty lines

Accident and Health insurance

Director and employee absence through accident, sickness or business travel incidents can impact the running of your business. Our insurance could help to cover these costs of disruption and, importantly, helps to protect the people that make your business what it is.

Construction and Latent Defects insurance

We can cover the challenges of large complex construction projects. This can go hand-in-hand with our Latent Defect proposition which not only helps guard against potential extra costs, but also protects your businesses reputation.

Engineering insurance

Cover your business for building and operating machinery and equipment. We’ll work with you to help prevent anything going wrong in the first place, for example through detailed risk management inspections.

Marine: Cargo, Freight and Fine Art & Specie insurance

Help to make sure that your assets are protected in transit and in-store, wherever they’re going. We can provide cover that can help you with the smooth flow of international trade.

Renewable Energy insurance

We can help you navigate the specific needs and challenges of the renewable energy sector and get the right cover in place to suit your needs.

Financial lines

Crime insurance

Protect your business against direct financial loss because of theft and fraud by an employee or a third-party. We’ll create cover to guard against the specific risks your company faces.

Cyber insurance

Protecting your data and that of your customers is a concern for businesses around the world. Our insurance offers cover when online security processes fail because of phishing attacks, an accidental release of data, ransom demands or other forms of cyber attack.

Financial Institutions insurance

We can provide a range of covers for the financial institutions against the backdrop of changing fiscal and regulatory landscapes. By being flexible and responsive, our offering can be adapted to support you and your business.

Legal Indemnities insurance

Legal Indemnity covers many different areas and often needs a tailored approach. There's options to pick your cover based around your requirements, exposures and sector.

Management Liability insurance

Allegations and claims against a director or company can land from any direction. They can be incredibly costly, even if unfounded. So, we’ll shape your cover to help defend you and your business from litigation, regulatory investigations and employment practices claims.

Mergers and Acquisitions insurance

Our Mergers and Acquisitions insurance can help to protect buyers and sellers from unknown issues, to help with a smooth transaction and provide cover after the deal completes.​​

Professional Indemnity insurance

Accusations against your company’s advice or services don’t need to be proven to be damaging. Our made-to-measure cover can help to protect against financial loss for an alleged breach of your professional duty and defence costs, and it can also provide indemnity for the claim itself.​​

Surety, Bonds and Guarantees insurance

Our wide range of surety products cover a variety of situations and risk types. Using these building blocks, we can create a package that’s individually tailored to your business’s requirements, interests and exposures.​

More from us

Multinational insurance

Protect your business however it operates around the globe, including your overseas partners, premises and supply chains.

Our underwriting appetite

Here we’ve put the detail and figures to how much risk we can cover across the different classes of insurance we offer.