Surety, bonds & guarantees​ insurance

Providing protection for your company's obligations

Our wide range of surety products cover a variety of situations and risk types – making them suitable for almost any circumstance. Each client has very particular requirements, with interests and exposures that are unique to the sector and situation. That’s why we create bespoke solutions, tailored to individual needs​.

Why choose us for surety, bonds & guarantees insurance?

  • Aviva bonds and guarantees are customised to meet specific bonding requirements at competitive rates.
  • Our products are heavily utilised in sectors including construction, engineering, importing, outsourcing, waste management and many more.
  • We offer protection for various scenarios such as: performance bonds, retention bonds, advance payment bonds, road and sewer bonds and customs bonds.

What does the cover do?​

We offer various types of bond and guarantee, which are suitable for a variety of situations. They are purchased by the contracting party and given in favour of the project owner or authority. Bonds and guarantees protect a project owner or authority against loss from a breach of contract or default by the contracting party under the arrangement. 

GCS Surety, Bonds & Guarantees Lead

Martin Peek

Martin has 20 years’ experience leading specialist underwriting teams and he currently leads a team of 10 surety underwriters.

Our underwriting appetite

Our diverse underwriting appetite allows us to write more than you may think.

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