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We’re here for you in case something goes wrong and it’s in those moments you get a true measure of our service. If you need to make a claim, we'll look after you and your business so your claim is managed efficiently and fairly. Plus, we’ll also defend your business against fraudulent or inflated claims.

Our claims service

We're really proud of our claims service and how our claims teams help to get businesses like yours back on their feet.

What does our claims service offer you?

  1. Expert claim handlers - our experienced claims handlers take ownership of your claim – they'll keep you up to date with what’s happening, so you're kept in the know.

  2. Claims Fraud - we're keen to tackle claims fraud and we don't want to pay out for such claims - this means we aren't passing on the costs of fraudulent claims to our policyholders.

  3. Our large-loss service - we'll map out all the critical elements of those bigger claims so you know what will happen next and when.

How we’ll support you through a claim

From the moment you report your claim, one of our claims service managers will be there as your single point of contact. Their role is to:

  • Get to know you - they'll understand you and your business so we know how best to manage your claim.
  • Work with the right people - for example for multinational business, we'll work with experts in the countries you trade in, so your claim is compliant in each location.
  • Get you back to better - they'll work with our risk management service to help you put future risk prevention measures in place.
  • Support you - they'll work with experts such as loss adjusters and solicitors, attending relevant meetings to keep your claim moving.

How do you make a claim?

Step 1 of 1

Gather key claim information

You should aim to provide as much detail as possible regarding the claim; for example contact details for any other involved parties, witnesses, photos, diagrams, videos and the position of any CCTV cameras. 

Step 2 of 3

Report the claim

As soon as you have the relevant information please report the claim as soon as possible. The earlier we're made aware of an claim, the sooner we can act to keep costs down and reduce the chances of a fraudulent claim being made. 

Step 3 of 3

Your claims contact

Once the claim has been reported to us, your claims contact will be there to guide you through the next steps of the claim process.

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