At your side if you need to claim

We’re here for you in case something goes wrong. And it’s in those moments you get a true measure of our service. If you do need to make a claim, our claims service managers keep you close to the process that deals with your business losses efficiently and fairly. We’ll also defend your business against fraudulent or inflated claims.

What our claims service looks like

There are many moving parts to every claim, and our service is set up to make them fit neatly together and work as smoothly as they can. Here’s how we do this:

Centres of Excellence

These centres bring together the right sets of experience and knowledge for your specific business needs so that we can work through claims quickly and cost-efficiently.

Expert claim handlers

Based in the UK, our experienced claims handlers take ownership of each incident to move your claim along efficiently – then keep you up to date with what’s happening. They’re also trained as our first line of defence in tackling claim fraud.

Our large-loss service

This service helps resolve even the most complex cases by:

  • Providing a dedicated GCS claims guardian – available 24/7
  • Clearly setting out all contact points and escalation procedures
  • Mapping out the critical elements of handling major claims before any loss so you know exactly what to expect
  • Making a claims expert available before a claim happens, to answer any questions you have around your cover as early as possible

How we’ll support you through a claim

From the moment your claim starts moving, one of our Claims Service Managers will be there as a single point of contact to knit the whole process seamlessly together. Their role is to:

  • Create a clear picture of your requirements from the outset
  • Build compliant, jurisdictionally relevant claims programmes
  • Tap into our technical expertise to give specific pre-loss advice
  • Be a gateway to all our different claims resources, so you’ll always have access to the right person at the right time
  • Work with our robust risk management service to make sure any risk prevention measures are in place
  • Attend any relevant meetings and engage senior points of contact
  • Work with agreed external providers, such as loss adjusters and legal experts, to keep you informed throughout your claim

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