Management Liability insurance

Manage your risk in the face of the spotlight

In a legal and regulatory environment, corporate directors and officers may be faced with personal exposure and potential liability.

Stakeholders' scrutiny means activities and decisions made by public, private and not-for-profit entities alike, are constantly under the spotlight from regulators, employees, investors and shareholders.

Why choose Aviva for Management Liability cover?

Aviva offers products to help protect companies and their directors and officers. 

Our Management Liability policy can provide protection against both traditional and emerging liabilities and exposures for individuals and companies. It's designed for Private and Not for Profit entities with annual revenues up to £250 million. It can be part of a package deal or as a standalone policy.

As an Aviva customer we also provide the following services & helplines to help guide you through the complexities of operating a business:

  • Legal and Tax helpline – for advice on legal or tax matters in the UK
  • Risk Solution helpline – for advice on safety, fire, security and other issues
  • Counselling Service helpline – confidential service available to your staff to help with deal personal issues such as bereavement, divorce, etc
  • Business Law – this service is built specifically to help businesses manage a wide range of business and legal issues

For complex, global & public companies and those businesses with revenues over £250 million we can offer our standalone  Directors and Officers (D&O) liability policy​ which provides dedicated D&O cover when directors and the management team need it most.

We offer a flexible approach where we work with you to understand your needs and tailor coverage to your exposures, be that on our standalone D&O or Management Liability policy. 

What does the cover do?​

Our Management Liability policy it's designed to provide cover against a wide range of potential claims against individual directors and officers and the company itself. The policy includes D&O, Corporate Legal Liability & Employment Practices Liability.

Each section of cover carries a standalone limit of indemnity, meaning that ringfenced limits are provided aimed at protecting individual directors or the company when claims do arise.

As part of our Management Liability policy, we’ll cover defence and investigation costs and damages resulting from the initial investigation through to the trial’s conclusion.

GCS Management Liability Lead

Daisy Laskey

Daisy leads a team of underwriters focusing on the Management Liability class of business including D&O, ML, PTL, EPL and POSI across London and the UK. She has over 15 years’ experience in the Financial Lines space having worked in both Management Liability and Financial Institution classes of business at large global insurers.

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