Property insurance

Together, we can take care of what’s important

If your business property sustains significant damage, it’s quite possible your business will be affected too. An event like a flood could financially hit you twice – your property might need repair and refurbishment and your day-to-day business may have to shut down while this happens.

Our property damage cover protects your property against physical damage and includes any associated financial interruption to your business. We can also tailor your cover to protect against loss or damage at the premises of your suppliers, customers, utilities providers and more.

Why choose us for property insurance?

Tailored products
Our flexible approach makes sure that your policies grow with your business - we can tailor them to meet your needs and ambitions. We can offer a significant capacity on all-risk basis, including theft, money, inland transit and machinery.

Wide range of solutions
We can include inflation protection, fire / security equipment, natural catastrophe and leak prevention cover. We can also offer direct or reinsurance placements, primary, excess of loss or full value structures and national or multinational programmes as well as those with non-conventional deductibles.

Expert advice
We offer you the benefit of our risk management expertise, advice and surveys to provide a sense of reassurance.

GCS UK and Multinational Property Lead

Kerry Howe

Kerry leads the Corporate Property Underwriting Team in GCS focusing on Property insurance programmes worldwide and delegated underwriting authority (DUA) opportunities. The team are based in London, Leeds and Manchester. She has 35 years Property Underwriting experience mostly within the London market.

Multinational capabilities

We can lead global insurance programmes worldwide through our Multinational Centre of Excellence (COE) and our partner network that covers more than 150 countries. We strive to provide a seamless, client-focused end-to-end service – creating controlled master programmes for corporate clients.

Our underwriting appetite

Our diverse underwriting appetite allows us to write more than you may think.

Learn more about our appetite