Marine: Cargo, Freight and Fine Art & Specie insurance

Global Marine cover

In almost all cases, protecting commercial goods from loss or damage during transit requires bespoke solutions. That's why we tailor our global marine cover to your cargo based on your interests and exposures.

Why choose Aviva for Marine Cargo and Freight?

  • We can offer you cover across the world as we have a wide international wholesale footprint – including US surplus lines
  • We have lead multinational capability with local paper and a strong service proposition​
  • We can offer solutions for cargo, project cargo and delay in start-up, freight liability and subsea equipment
  • Our team of expert underwriters are located in all regions of the UK including the London Market

Why choose Aviva for Fine Art and Specie?

  • For Fine Art that's in an exhibition, gallery, museum or a private collection, we know you'll want this protected from the risks it faces. That's where our Fine Art cover comes in to look after your prize possession
  • For those in the jewellery trade you can cover both your stock and that of your customers’ possessions through our Jewellers Block cover which is available for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers
  • We can cover your high value portable items – such as precious metals, gems, securities, cash and even cryptocurrency, through our general specie cover 
  • We can cover your liability for physical loss or damage to cash in transit in selected locations
  • You'll have access to the experts through our specialist team in London

Our covers are all available globally including USA through surplus lines licences, except for countries under sanction.

GCS Marine Lead

Howard Potter

Throughout his 30 years in the marine insurance industry, Howard has worked in all marine classes across London, Birmingham, Manchester, Europe and Canada. 

His teams include marine wholesale, underwritten at our box in Lloyd's of London, marine retail and multinational, fine art and specie and regional marine written from several locations around the UK. 

Howard represents Aviva and the UK market on several industry bodies, including as Vice Chair of one of the technical committees of the International Union of Marine Insurers.

Contact Howard here

Multinational Capabilities

We can lead global insurance programmes worldwide through our Multinational Centre of Excellence (COE) and our partner network that covers more than 150 countries. We strive to provide a seamless, client-focused end-to-end service – creating controlled master programmes for corporate clients.

Our underwriting appetite

Our diverse underwriting appetite allows us to write more than you may think.

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