We’re one of the UK's biggest motor vehicle insurers

We provide cover and risk management solutions for some of the largest fleet operators and motor traders. This scale of exposure allows us to offer unrivalled benchmarking capabilities.

Why choose us for motor insurance?

Commercial solutions

Our dedicated team of underwriters specialise in commercial placements, risk managing a range of companies in the UK whose revenue exceeds £250 million.

Tailored products

Our solutions are tailored to each client's needs, based on their industry sector and their fleet's characteristics. Options include:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft 

Our claims service 

Corporate motor clients benefit from our claims service which includes:

  • First notification of loss
  • Dedicated claims handlers
  • A nominated claims service manager
  • Management information 
  • Technical claims handlers on catastrophic claims

Vehicle repair

We'll provide you with a range of vehicle repair companies, including Solus, our Aviva-owned brand, who are a group of over 20 body shops across the UK.


Covers, features and benefits available:

  • Access to an extensive repair network
  • We'll assume
    • Unlimited legal liability in the event of death or injury to anyone, including passengers
    • Legal liability for damage to others' property. For cars and motorcycles, the limit is £20m, while for other vehicles it's £5m
  • Following our consent, we'll cover legal fees incurred in a claim against you
  • Conventional and non-conventional placements including
    • Aggregate and deductible arrangements
    • Flexibility if claims handling is provided by an approved third-party administrator
  • Captive placements including fronting arrangements and reinsurance of authorised captives
  • Enhanced covers for alternative fuelled vehicles
  • Risk management services including a nominated risk consultant and access to our key supplier network

GCS Motor Lead

Tom Pitney

Tom has spent over 17 years in the motor insurance industry spanning both personal and commercial lines. The past 10 years have been in the London Market within the corporate motor fleet sector.

Having led the commercial lines Future Mobility Group, he has a keen interest in the ever-changing landscape of motor insurance ranging from alternative fuel vehicles through to connected and autonomous vehicles.

Tom leads a team of underwriters with over 160  combined years’ experience in the insurance industry. 

Our underwriting appetite

Having a diverse underwriting appetite allows us to write a greater variety of risks.

Learn more about our appetite