Property investors insurance

Protecting your property portfolio

In contrast to many other forms of investment, property can provide consistent returns, as well as relative stability in an otherwise volatile economy. However, due to its complexity, diversity and unpredictability, it also has several associated risks. As government legislation changes, market forces fluctuate and issues arise with tenants, having a supportive insurance partner is essential.

We recognise that your insurance needs are unique and a one-size-fits-all solution won't cut it. That's why we can offer customised and flexible solutions, to offer you reassurance for your investments.

We also think it's really important to get to know you and your portfolio so we can deliver you the right solution and build a long lasting relationship with you.

Why choose Aviva Property Investors?

We offer a wide range of property insurance solutions managed by our UK and international underwriters, relationship managers and technical specialists.

The evolving property owners’ environment means you need an insurance partner who will look to support you as you employ new methods of construction and technology in your properties. Here at Aviva, we can support you in this journey.

We write various sizes of investment programmes, from single properties to some of the largest corporate global and captive programmes. Our underwriters hold a large capacity offering in the market.

We offer a broad range of solutions via our broker panel, working with international brokers and property specialists.

Our services extend beyond writing UK only property portfolios to include European programmes.

What does the cover do?

Whether it's single or multiple geographical territories in which you've invested, we understand the income generated by your property is of the utmost importance.

Depending on your needs, we can tailor our insurance to meet your requirements, including:

Assets – Buildings and contents, all risks coverage can be provided to protect your assets against a variety of eventualities and make sure they're repaired and operational as quickly as possible.

Business exposure – Loss of rent and service charge to mitigate potential lost income following damage to premises. Alternative accommodation costs for residential properties to help rehouse tenants whose premises are uninhabitable due to damage.

Legal liabilities – Property owners liability can provide protection where you are legally liable to pay damages. In addition Employers Liability and Directors and Officers cover can be purchased to provide further protection.

Management of responsibilities – Lease covenants to insure, inspect and maintain equipment, such as lifts and air conditioning.

Risk Management Solutions – Our risk management team can provide National and European surveys, technical guidance on risk mitigation and complex technical queries to help protect your assets. 

GCS Property Investors Lead

Martin Hindell

Martin's a CII chartered insurer with a first-class degree in decision mathematics. Having run our property investors team for over a decade, he leads over 50 underwriters based in London and Worthing. His team offers a breadth of knowledge, from seasoned veterans to fresh minds with original ideas.

Multinational Capabilities

We can lead global insurance programmes worldwide through our Multinational Centre of Excellence (COE) and our partner network that covers more than 150 countries. We strive to provide a seamless, client-focused end-to-end service – creating controlled master programmes for corporate clients.

Our underwriting appetite

Our diverse underwriting appetite allows us to write more than you may think.

Learn more about our appetite