Business attitudes to cyber security

In our increasingly digitalised world, the threat of cyber crime is becoming ever more present.* For businesses like yours, this is a significant problem due to the complexity of your world and the steps needed to take in order to protect yourself from attacks.

To gather more insight into this prominent issue, we asked UK business leaders for their views. Data from our most recent piece of research, conducted by YouGov, reveals the top risks and worries of business leaders in relation to cyber and technology and what actions they're taking when it comes to cyber security.

From this research we know that 1 in 5 businesses in the UK have been a victim of a cyber attack in the last 12 months which rises to 1 in 3 when looking at corporate companies. Despite the heightened threat for larger businesses, we know leaders in the corporate space have higher confidence in their organisation’s ability to stop an attack (64%).

Whatever their size or sector, businesses are at risk of a cyber attack. One of the key steps in protecting themselves from this emerging threat is to speak to their broker - they can work with businesses to support their cyber security, including addressing their cyber insurance needs.

Stephen Ridley, Head of Cyber, Aviva

Find out more about what UK businesses are thinking in our new report Business attitudes to cyber security, including views on the impact and cost of cyber crime, as well as insights on the future of cyber security risk from our experts in this space.

Contains public sector information licenced under the Open Government License v3.0

* National Cyber Strategy 2022

** YouGov Survey commissioned by Aviva – 1,218 senior business leaders surveyed between 15 September to 8 October 2023